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This is a full spectrum CBD tincture brimming with powerful cannabis extracts that are of superior quality and extremely potent. They are extracted using high-end technology by a process called CO2 extraction. This CBD product does not cause any intoxicating effects as the extracts are highly refined with THC levels less than 0.3%. This is an unrivaled 500mg CBD oil in the UK due to its optimal range of phytocannabinoids in its extract.


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What is 500mg of CBD oil?
Every drop in a 500 mg CBD contains 17mg CBD per drop.

How strong is 500mg CBD oil?
You can strike a balance between the two extremes as 500 mg is not too strong or too weak in potency. And the usage depends upon your health requirements. As the recommended daily intake is 160 mg it is quite easy on your body as only less than 30 mg of CBD will be in your system if the consumption is 3 drops thrice a day.

Does CBD oil get you high?
CBD oils do not give you any stoned or high effects because tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels are less than 0.3% which does not cause any such instability to your system.

How long does CBD stay in your body?
CBD can stay for a minimum of 24 hours and can linger around for weeks depending upon a few variables. The CBD oils and tinctures when used stays longer in the system and likewise the balms and ointments also. And the quickest the CBD leaves the body is when it is vaped.

3 reviews for CBD TINCTURE 30ML (500MG)

  1. Samuel Ritchie

    Honestly I had an incredible day after using this tincture in my coffee.

  2. George Williams

    Excellent CBD oil in the UK and prompt customer service.

  3. Bella Reilly

    Wonderful tincture! Will definitely buy them again.

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