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About CBD Oil UK

Explore an Extensive Collection of CBD at CBD Oil UK

CBD Oil London offers a wide range of CBD oils, edibles and other forms of CBD.

CBD products at CBD UK have lab reports defining the contents and ensuring safe and compliant production. We stock full-spectrum oils that are the most expensive products containing the complete plant and less than 0.2% THC as per UK laws.

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In Nature

CBD is an extraction from the cannabis plant that is non-psychoactive in nature as THC is stripped off from it during extraction.




  • Promotes relaxation Provides well-rounded stability to the user by bestowing a calming effect.
  • Relieves pain A significant rate in the decrease in intensity of pain and inflammation with CBD.
  • Increases appetite CBD helps in boosting appetite with an induced healthy hunger for food.
  • Removes headache CBD is effective for easing the pain and inflammation of migraine sufferers.
  • Fights insomnia CBD usage provides potential positive outcomes with reduced insomnia issues.
  • Improves mood CBD oil works as an anti-anxiety formula for a tranquil and relaxed mind.

The Uniqueness of CBD Oil UK

Client satisfaction is our primary agenda. We focus on providing you with the purest and most authentic CBD products.
  • 100% Natural Manufactured in controlled GMP certified labs and hence our extract is 100% natural.
  • Best Edible
    Our gummy sweets contain between 25mg and 50mg of CBD per sweet.
  • Certified Products
    A QR code linked directly to the lab reports of manufacture on each product.
  • Transparency
    A peel and reveal user guide on bottles to ensure transparency in quality.
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